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Gibson Southern Athletics

Good afternoon,

I wanted to take a quick moment & fill you in on a fundraising venture that we did this past fall. When our football team won the sectional & regional, we sold t-shirts. We also sold a “novelty t-shirt” celebrating the different accomplishments of the team. Today, I just received a check for $3,482.79 for our profit. This was with only 3 weeks of sales! The best thing is that I literally had to tell them what I wanted, set my mark-up price & they took care of the rest…from orders to shipping…everything! The company is www.sellmytees.com & it is based here in Ft. Branch by CHIPS, Inc. I believe most of you know me well enough to know I’m not going to blow smoke. This is legit! I just thought I’d share an easy way for your athletic departments to make some extra money. Any questions, let me know…I’d be happy to show you how we went about it.